About Us

Mission and Vision

  • Leveraging on the latest technology, create a virtual network of people and resources in academic institutions with an aim to provide effective and efficient access to knowledge through preserverance, innovation and collaboration.
  • Provide seamless, reliable and ubiquitous access to scholarly, peer-reviewed electronic resources to the academic community in all educational institutions with a focus on services and tools, processes and practices that support its effective use and increase value of this information.
  • Build and strengthen ICT infrastructure in educational institutions with value-added services.
  • Develop tools, techniques and procedures for secure and convenient access management enabling users to access information in electronic format from any where, anytime.
  • Develop resource selection guides and online tutorials for effective delivery and usage of e-resources.
  • Facilitate creation of open access digital repositories in every educational institutions for hosting educational and research contents created by these institutions.

Our Goals

  • Achieve complete automation of libraries in educational institutions
  • Create union catalogues of documents available in libraries in online and real-time environment.
  • Provide seamless and ubiquitous access to scholarly, peer-reviewed electronic resources to the universities.
  • Promote digitization of legacy documents and creation of content in e-format (including electronic theses and dissertations, electronic version of research articles, working papers, technical reports, concept papers, technical reports, annual reports, statistical data, etc.) in universities.
  • Promote setting-up of open access digital repositories in universities for hosting content created in the process mentioned above.
  • Develop expertise in
    • Digital content creation;
    • Process of digitization; and
    • Managing digital depositories.
  • Impart training in applications on various aspects of new technology to achieve goals mentioned above.