Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies

It is Multi-disciplinary International Referred Research Journal of Higher Education on Literature & Literacy theory, Art & Aesthetics, Culture & Media Studies, Critical & Creative Language Teaching, Philosophy and Philology, Hypertext & Communication Studies, Humanities & Social Sciencess.


The INFLIBNET announces disclaimer of the open access publishing of the journals:

1. Publisher will not hold INFLIBNET Centre responsible for any errors and omissions contained in the original publications.

2. Publisher represents and warrants that it has full right, power and authority to enter into the agreement and that there is nothing known to the Publisher, including but not limited to its publishing and copyright arrangements and understandings  with authors, editors and other parties, that would prevent it from performing or granting the rights of hosting the Journals on servers at the INFLIBNET Centre in open access, under the terms and conditions of this MoU. 

3. Publisher assures INFLIBNET Centre that publisher will not infringe upon the copyright of others.

4. Publisher further agrees that it will not knowingly publish in the  journal any matter that is libellous or actionable. In such cases, the INFLIBNET is not laible for any discrepancies and copyright violations as it lies with the publisher of the journal.


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Vol 5, No 9 & 10 (2013)

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