Women as Victims in Mahesh Dattani's Play: Bravely Fought the Queen

L Amritashwori Devi


Baa, the mother of Jiten Trivedy and Nitin Trivedyand the unnamed mother of Praful and the two sisters Dolly and Alka represent the first generation. The husband of Baa was a drunkard and he frequently used to beat up Baa . Now, Baa becomes old and her husband is dead but his remembrance is still affecting her seriously. The mother of Praful and the two sisters marries for the second time without proper divorce from her first husband and therefore, she is taken as a whore. She (Baa) incited her son to beat up his wife. As a result, the baby, Daksha is born deformed prematurely at seventh month, she represents the third generation of women's victimisation and stands as the symbol of Jiten's torture on Dolly. For Alka also the suffering is indeed extreme. Herbrother, Praful arranges for her marriage to Nitin. In fact, Nitin and Praful are homosexuals who keep a close sexual relationship.For the sake of maintaining their relationship he (Praful) lets her sister to suffer throughout her life.Then, we have Lalitha with her obsessive love for bonsai. Symbolically, bonsai represents these Indian women of India whom the patriarchal society has never given the chance to grow freely. Her creations of bonsais show that she is also a victim of the society with many unfulfilled wishes and suppressed feelings and longings because the society does not allow her to havethem for her being a woman. 


Victim; Patriarchal; Oedipus Complex Homosexual; Gay; Bonsai; Claustra phobia; Chauvinistic

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