Physical properties of developed viscose rayon and eri silk union fabrics

Anjali A Kulkarni, Geeta Mahale, Kariyappa .


In the present study an attempt was made to develop union fabrics using viscose rayon as warp with esri silk of three different yarn counts viz., 2/40s, 2/60s and 2/80s as weft on a semi automatic power loom. Further, the newly designed union fabrics were evaluated for physical properties and comparisons were made on the performance between different sets of union fabrics. Viscose rayon x eri silk of 2/40s (VRE1) showed highest tensile strength both in warp and weft directions. The control sample, Viscose Rayon x Viscose Rayon (VR) showed highest elongation percentage. Viscose rayon x eri silk of 2/40s (VRE1) union fabric exhibited highest resistance to abrasion. Overall the results indicated that Viscose rayon x eri silk of 2/40s exhibited better performance than other sets of fabric.

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