Sickness in Small-Scale Industries: Causes & Remedies A Case Study of Manipur

Dr. Elangbam Nixon Singh, Prof. G. P. Prasain


Manipur, one of the eight north-eastern states of India is an industrially underdeveloped state. Large and medium scale industry is totally absent in this state. As per the annual report of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, Government of India, 2009-10, there are 60,625 small scale units in Manipur. SSIs are very important in this state as it plays an important role in redressing unemployment problem. But, of late, sickness in SSIs in Manipur is becoming a big problem. The causes of sickness differ from industry to industry. So far, the real or root causes have not been identified and corrective measures have been not taken on the basis of causes. Here, this paper tries to highlights the causes and remedies of industrial sickness of small scale industries in Manipur.


Sickness; Internal causes; External causes

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