Director Office

New Phone Numbers are: (+91)79-2326-8000,8100,8300,8240,8201,8220

NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Dr Jagdish AroraDirectordirector[at], jarora[at]
Scientific & Technical Staff
NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Shri Manoj Kumar KScientist-D(CS)manoj[at]
Shri Ashok Kumar RaiScientist-D(CS)ashok[at] 8240
Shri Y. R. PatelScientist-D(CS) and CVO yatrik[at]
Shri H. G. HosamaniScientist-C(LS)hosamani[at]
Shri Abhishek KumarScientist-C(CS)abhishek[at]
Shri Kannan PScientist-C(LS)kannan[at]
Shri Swapnil P.PatelScientist B(CS)swapnil[at]
Shri Divyakant Rajnikant VaghelaScientist B(CS)divyakant[at]
Shri Gaurav PrakashScientist B (CS)gaurav[at]
Mrs Vaishali ShahScientist B (LS)vaishali[at]
Ms Kruti J.TrivediScientist B (LS)kruti[at]
Shri Dinesh Ranjan PradhanScientist B (LS)dinesh[at]
Dr. Miteshkumar PandyaScientist B (LS)mitesh[at]
Shri Hitesh SolankiScientist B (CS)hitesh[at]
Shri Pallab PradhanScientist B (LS)pallab[at]
Shri Raja VScientist B (CS)raja[at]
Mrs Hema V.CholinScientific & Technical Officer-I(LS)hema[at]
Mrs Suboohi SiddiquiScientific & Technical Officer-I(LS)suboohi[at]
Shri Saroja Kumar PandaScientific & Technical Assistant-I(LS) saroj[at]
Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(CS)
Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(CS)
Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(CS)
Mrs. Roma Yogesh Asnani Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(LS)roma[at]
Administrative and support Staff
NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Shri Harish ChandraAdministrative Officer(P&A)harishchandra[at]
Shri Sarat Kumar MishraSr.Consultant(Admn./Accounts)accounts [at]
Mrs S. M. MunshiSection Officershahana[at]
Shri S. R. ShahOffice Asstistant IIsanjay[at]
Shri Devang Kanaiyalal RoyOffice Asstistant IIdevang[at]
Mrs Yamini DaveAssistantyamini[at]
Mrs R. B. PendharkarAssistantrekha[at]
Shri A. B. ParikhAssistantankur[at]
Shri S. T. YadavAssistantshyam[at]
Shri V. B. DantaniHelpervbdantani[at]
Shri B. M. ParmarLab.Attendentbmparmar[at]