Director Office

New Phone Numbers are: (+91)79-2326-8000,8100,8300,8240,8201,8220

NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Dr Jagdish AroraDirectordirector[at], jarora[at]
Scientific & Technical Staff
NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Shri Manoj Kumar KScientist-D(CS)manoj[at]
Shri Ashok Kumar RaiScientist-D(CS)ashok[at] 8240
Shri Y. R. PatelScientist-D(CS) and CVOyatrik[at]
Shri H. G. HosamaniScientist-C(LS)hosamani[at]
Shri Abhishek KumarScientist-C(CS)abhishek[at]
Shri Kannan PScientist-C(LS)kannan[at]
Shri Swapnil P.PatelScientist B(CS)swapnil[at]
Shri Divyakant Rajnikant VaghelaScientist B(CS)divyakant[at]
Shri Gaurav PrakashScientist B (CS)gaurav[at]
Mrs Vaishali ShahScientist B (LS)vaishali[at]
Ms Kruti J.TrivediScientist B (LS)kruti[at]
Shri Dinesh Ranjan PradhanScientist B (LS)dinesh[at]
Dr. Miteshkumar PandyaScientist B (LS)mitesh[at]
Shri Hitesh SolankiScientist B (CS)hitesh[at]
Shri Pallab PradhanScientist B (LS)pallab[at]
Shri Raja VScientist B (CS)raja[at]
Mrs Hema V.CholinScientific & Technical Officer-I(LS)hema[at]
Mrs Suboohi SiddiquiScientific & Technical Officer-I(LS)suboohi[at]
Shri Saroja Kumar PandaScientific & Technical Assistant-I(LS)saroj[at]
Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(CS)
Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(CS)
Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(CS)
Mrs. Roma Yogesh Asnani Scientific & Technical Assistant-I(LS)roma[at]
Administrative and support Staff
NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Shri Harish ChandraAdministrative Officer(P&A)harishchandra[at]
Shri Sarat Kumar MishraSr.Consultant(Admn./Accounts)accounts [at]
Mrs S. M. MunshiSection Officershahana[at]
Shri S. R. ShahOffice Asstistant IIsanjay[at]
Shri Devang Kanaiyalal RoyOffice Asstistant IIdevang[at]
Mrs Yamini DaveOffice Asstistant IIyamini[at]
Mrs R. B. PendharkarOffice Asstistant IIrekha[at]
Shri Ankur B. ParikhOffice Asstistant IIankur[at]
Shri S. T. YadavAssistantshyam[at]
Shri V. B. DantaniHelpervbdantani[at]
Shri B. M. ParmarLab.Attendentbmparmar[at]
Project Staff
NameDesignationE-mailTel Extension
Mrs. Surbhi S MistrySr.Project Officer(CS)surbhi[at]
Ms. Archita M. MuchhadiaProject Officer (LS)archita[at]
Mrs. Shweta N.BrahmbhattProject Officer (CS)shweta[at]
Mr. Swayamprakash RajputProject Officer (CS)swyam[at]
Ms. Mitisha S. VaidyaProject Officer (CS)mitisha[at]
Ms. Priya Ratanshi VaruProject Officer (CS)priya[at]
Mrs. PallaviProject Officer (CS)pallavi[at]
Ms. Vinothine K.Project Officer (CS)vinothine[at]
Ms. Maheshwari G RathodProject Officer (CS)maheshwari[at]
Mr. Nrutik M. PrajapatiProject Officer (CS)nrutik[at]
Mr. Sachin MaliProject Officer (CS)sachin[at]
Mr. Mihirkumar R PrajapatiProject Officer (CS)mihir[at]
Mr.Amitkumar G ParmarProject Officer (CS)amit[at]
Mr. Prakash B PrajapatiProject Officer (CS)prakash[at]
Mr. Atul J. PatelProject Associate (LS)atul[at]
Mr. Nipul G ShihoraProject Associate (LS)nipul[at]
Ms. Rajeshri J. MakwanaProject Associate (LS)rajeshri[at]
Ms. Manjiri DhandeProject Associate (LS)manjiri[at]
Mrs. Deepti Sandeep PandeyProject Associate (LS)deepti[at]
Mr. Kumar GauravProject Associate (LS)kgaurav[at]
Mr.Kuldeep MatiedaProject Associate (LS)kuldeep[at]
Ms. Dipika M. MakwanaProject Associate (LS)dipika[at]
Mr. Iliyas MansuriProject Associate (LS)iliyas[at]
Mr. Ramswaroop AhirwarProject Associate (LS)ramswaroop[at]
Ms. Kritika SharmaProject Associate (CS)kratika[at]
Mr. Gaurav Kumar GondProject Associate (CS)gkumar[at]
Mr. Darshan D. ModiProject Associate (CS)dmodi[at]
Mr. Rahul N. PanchalProject Associate (CS)rpanchal[at]
Ms. Kinjal R. SolankiProject Associate (CS)kinjal[at]
Ms. Priya MadananProject Associate (CS)priyam[at]
Mr. Krunal G. ShahProject Associate (CS)krunal[at]
Ms. Asha VaghelaProject Associate (CS)asha[at]
Ms. Tulsi Bhasker PunjaniProject Assistant (Statistics)tulsi[at]
Ms. Roshni Shambhubhai YadavProject Assistant (LS)roshni[at]
Ms. Divyabahen S. VyasProject Assistant (LS)divya[at]
Ms. Neha Vinodbhai JainProject Assistant (LS)neha[at]
Ms. Kinjal ParekhProject Assistant (LS)kinjalp[at]
Ms. Anita KushwahaProject Assistant (LS)anita[at]
Ms. Shivani JoshiProject Assistant (CS)shivani[at]
Mr. Brijesh KothadiyaProject Assistant (CS)brijesh[at]
Ms. Nirmala KhadkaProject Assistant (CS)nirmala[at]
Ms. Ankita G. PrajapatiProject Assistant (CS)ankita[at]
Ms. Kalgi GandhiProject Assistant (CS)kalgi[at]
Ms. Jinal Jakasaniya Project Assistant (CS)jinal[at]
Ms. Miral MehtaProject Assistant (LS)miral[at]